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bt#25: humdrum – brokin

humdrum - brokinbad taste #25: humdrum – brokin

mp3 release date: january, 2007

  1. ing
  2. woan
  3. bitofharm
  4. forced entry
  5. clac
  6. skriff
  7. dark light
  8. bane
  9. slagum
  10. blenxer

bt#24: stAllio! – true data 12″

bad taste #24/ben’s room records #01: stAllio! – true data 12″

release date: april, 2004

buy it on vinyl:

for sale at the AWIA shop and elsewhere.

stream/buy/download it on bandcamp:

bt#23: stAllio! – maura’s milk chocolate bath

stAllio! - maura's milk chocolate bathbad taste #23: stAllio! – maura’s milk chocolate bath

original release date: november, 2002

free mp3 rerelease date: january, 2007

artist website:

  1. bathtime fun
  2. boo!
  3. chex squadron vs. the cereal eaters
  4. crunch!
  5. skin to win
  6. catwoman cleans herself
  7. out of the box
  8. baby got ribs
  9. snap crackle pop music
  10. whole grain goodness
  11. war of the selfish mascots
  12. live-in butler
  13. supercharge breakfast
  14. candy rapper
  15. saturday morning sloppy seconds
  16. get me out of this gunk!

bt#22: murkbox – binary drift

murkbox - binary driftbad taste #22: murkbox – binary drift

recorded: february 2000 through may 2002

eventual release date: january, 2007

artist website:

  1. Tiamat
  2. Aries Machine
  3. Perfect Zero
  4. Cosmic Rays
  5. Damage Factor
  6. Taikonaut
  7. Desolate Transmission
  8. Submariner
  9. Internal Alarm
  10. Wraith
  11. The Final Gate
  12. Axial Rotation
  13. Dark Regiment
  14. Cascading Alignment
  15. Negative Integer
  16. Narayana
  17. Dream Sequence
  18. Ragnarok
  19. Gryllidae
  20. Sine Out

bt#21: dr. butcher m.d. – the confines of flesh

dr. butcher m.d. - the confines of fleshbad taste #21: Dr. Butcher M.D. – The Confines of Flesh

free mp3 release date: january, 2007

  1. Renounce Your Body
  2. Butchered Back to Life
  3. Opened Sesame
  4. Suffer
  5. Deadtown
  6. Hover
  7. Deterether
  8. The Arrival
  9. Beyond the Door
  10. Multi-Facet Horror Faucet
  11. El Mostructicon
  12. Oath of Nihn Jah
  13. Oppnacteinstaph 8
  14. Holocausto Canibale
  15. stapleZach
  16. Mentally Dead

bt#20: animals within animals – mono a mono

animals within animals - mono a monobad taste #20: animals within animals – mono a mono 2cd

release date: october, 2001

artist website:

artist facebook:

from the discography: 2 hours & 21 minutes of text manipulation, databending, & dark beats spread across 2 cdrs, totalling 58 tracks. learn the “truth” about parasites, mating rituals, arachnophobia, the internet, & the sanctity of turkey leftovers. possibly the most ambitious release ever on bad taste.

disc one:

  1. hello
  2. lowonice17edit
  3. mass commercial appeal
  4. lowonice2
  5. the birthday song
  6. birthday to prayer
  7. a prayer for cold turkey
  8. amen track
  9. survival of the fist
  10. foley-granular
  11. kilkilkingilling
  12. lowonice15long
  13. gitchy gitchy sticky wicky booty pop
  14. lowonice1
  15. firepower
  16. mikeradio segue
  17. leather bunny rabbit craft bracelet
  18. lowonice10
  19. the Geek
  20. lowonice7
  21. treehugging
  22. my father in heaven
  23. SRA
  24. she blinded me with her ass
  25. 128k segue
  26. the ultimate internet portal
  27. masturbation
  28. kelev power steering
  29. lowonice6
  30. flight of the tumbleweed
  31. this concludes this side

disc two:

  1. warning: disc 2 begin
  2. a quick correction about disc one
  3. (song)^4
  4. sprout segue
  5. people for the ethical treatment of dinner
  6. dead segue
  7. we really care about your parasites
  8. rubber duckie segue
  9. bad attitudes attract girls
  10. pussycat segue
  11. room 850
  12. are you kidding me?
  13. cake segue
  14. spiders & snakes
  15. fabulous object segue
  16. billy ray’s all-purpose product
  17. intro segue
  18. how to throw a frat party
  19. lowonice4
  20. sick sick sex
  21. lowonice11
  22. big bang babble
  23. lowonice9long
  24. never say never stop again
  25. lowonice13
  26. crappniess is a warm gun
  27. end track

bt#15: mainline vs temple ov S_i_D

mainline vs temple ov S_i_Dbad taste #15: mainline – japanese soundscapes of effects vs
temple ov S_i_D – 10 make “noise”,8,1 20 goto 10

release date: 2001?

download mp3s:

  1. mainline – tokyo rush hour daydream
  2. mainline – march of shogun
  3. mainline – confucian proverb
  4. mainline – yakuza stealth
  5. temple ov S_i_D – after the S_i_Daster
  6. temple ov S_i_D – S_i_D vicious
  7. temple ov S_i_D – S_i_Distic intent
  8. temple ov S_i_D – finale (C=64 command)

bt#13: animals within animals – yard ape

bt#13: animals within animals – yard ape

release date: sometime in 2000

AWIA’s debut release is once more available for free download. tracker experiments, analog jams, pause-button editing, filthy defecators, medical doctors, and of course parasites!

  1. i didn’t think i had anything in me
  2. wtf?
  3. fish kill soup
  4. back hump
  5. starfish
  6. possessed by a cheap ghost
  7. funtime
  8. i’m a medical doctor
  9. hanging from the rafters
  10. filthy humans
  11. only the good eat their young
  12. last song

bt#06: stAllio!: dissonance is bliss!

cover artbad taste #06: stAllio! – dissonance is bliss!

release date: sometime in 1999, reissued in 2000

artist website:

download mp3s:

  1. hole in head disease
  2. angina
  3. discount dysentery
  4. acute transcellular atrophy
  5. congenital cephalalgia
  6. buck fever!
  7. recidvation (bonus track)
  8. expiry (bonus track)

tracks 1–6 were composed entirely out of databent sounds (and the occasional vocal sample) using impulse tracker.

track 7 is a freeform noise jam in impulse tracker, using databent sounds.

track 8 was processed through a broken car stereo.



a musical tribute to a longtime unofficial bad taste mascot, as only AWIA can deliver! we remember macho man randy savage, from his wrestling career to his rap album to his classic catchphrase… and who could forget his slim jim commercials? concludes with a moving eulogy delivered by macho man himself!
FORMAT: free download


it’s been three years since the release of his debut, but baconhanger hasn’t been slacking off—he’s been sharpening his production skills! the beats and textures are as punishing as ever, but now they cut like a knife instead of bludgeoning you into submission. call him legion, for his breaks are massive!
FORMAT: free download


stAllio! – a huge smash
“a huge smash” is 11 tracks of glitchy post-mashup madness. it picks up directly where “mash smarter” left off, as stAllio! smashes pop music into increasingly smaller pieces and then weld them back together in new and innovative ways. if “mash smarter not harder” was the hobbit, then this is the lord of the rings. rejoice: the golden age of mashup is born!
FORMAT: free download


stAllio! – mash smarter not harder EP
mash smarter not harder isn’t just an EP. it’s an audio manifesto, a roadmap to a mashed-up future. the goal of this EP isn’t just to generate downloads or make you shake your ass — though it promises to do both — but to spawn a new golden age of mashups.
with this EP, stAllio! introduces a brand-new style that takes the mashup aesthetic to the next level. samples shuffle in and out, then back in again before you even notice them. the music flips, skips, and hops between your favorite hits so effortlessly you could be forgiven for thinking it was all meant to be this way. this new style — whatever you call it: post-mashup, dance collage, new-school bootleg — mixes the energy and danceability of Girl Talk with the subversive wit of Negativland and Cassetteboy.
if you love mashups, if you used to love mashups but nowadays find them a bit boring, or if you’re just interested in remixing, sampling, audio manipulation, and the like, you need to download mash smarter not harder immediately. get it now and get on the bandwagon while there’s still room.
is this EP as good as we say it is? is it even possible for a record to live up to this much hype? the only way to find out is to download it right now! you’ve got nothing to lose, because the download is FREE!
FORMAT: free download


DR. BUTCHER M.D. – hexadecimate – the sixteen instructive tales… of decomposition
sound the alarm – death is nigh! the doctor returns with his third full length release – HEXADECIMATE – a sixteen track eulogy for lost data & destroyed hardware. horror synths, sci-fi glitches & heavy doses of breaxploitation serve as the palette for this amalgamation of beats, bass & noise. 78+ continuous minutes span the gamut from doom fueled dirges to breakneck blast beats. full color cover & CD. abandon all hope as the doctor unveils the sixteen instructive tales… of decomposition. only death is real…


UNSZENE – reckless stepchild
5 years after it’s initial very limited release, *reckless stepchild* is finally unleashed to a wider audience. circuit-bent electronics & mutilated tape loops produce cascading waves of static that give way to intermittent rhythmic underpinnings in a true free-form spirit. lo-fi & raw in nature, unszene will lead you to a world of analog in decay. featuring collaborations with bobby vomit & unusable signal.
FORMAT: free download


BACONHANGER – hoosier holocauspitality
baconhanger’s debut, *hoosier holocauspitality*, may be bad taste’s most brutal, unrelentingly punishing release yet. the audio equivalent of a middle finger in your face, *hoosier holocauspitality* is 15 tracks of intense breakcore and gabber, jacked up on sample cutups and circuitbent toys. from start to finish, there’s no time to relax, no place to hide from the aural assault.
FORMAT: free download


stAllio! – wack cylinders
wack cylinders is…
* the first new solo album from stAllio! since 2004 (droplift II doesn’t really count)
* like a stAllio! live show, but better
* made from 100% appropriated material, though i don’t know where i got a lot of it from
* 16 tracks long, for a runtime of about 73 minutes
* mostly radio-friendly (only tracks 12 & 16 aren’t)
FORMAT: free download


“parts is parts” is 77 and a half minutes of intense noise and ridiculous sampling from the people who brought you the 2001 collage epic “mono a mono”. this release blends the madcap sound of AWIA’s legendary live shows with mellancamp cutups and other more “traditional” style audio collage to create AWIA’s hardest, craziest release ever. in addition to the free mp3 release, this album was issued in an extremely limited run of cds with handmade cover art.
FORMAT: free download; limited-edition CD-R with handmade cover art


HUMDRUM – brokin
the bad taste debut by longtime producer humdrum finally sees the light of day. bass squelches and dark bleeps coalesce into electro bangers. digital tadpoles evolve into crazy bullfrogs right before your ears. hard-as-concrete kicks and heavy bass go on a voyage, where they meet creepy ambience and synthesizer bleats. “brokin” is like staring at a puzzle, and suddenly all the pieces fit and the solution is so obvious you can’t believe that you never saw it before. dark grooves appear and disappear seemingly from nowhere, but they were always there. you just couldn’t hear them until humdrum pointed them out.
FORMATfree download; CD-R (out of print)


stAllio! – true data” 12″
bad taste’s very first, and probably last, vinyl release! “true data” is stAllio!’s triumphant return to databending, as he rips his hard drive a new one, plunges deep inside of it to mine the juiciest sounds he can find, and meticulously sequences them into four morphenomenal slammers. this is either the greatest or the most ill-advised stAllio! release to date, depending on whether you’re judging it by musical quality or by the amount of money lost on the project. (a bunch of copies remain unsold; for god’s sake, buy a copy already!) stream it on soundcloud before you buy!
FORMAT: 12″ vinyl


stAllio! – maura’s milk chocolate bath
somewhere between cut&paste/collage & “hardcore”/noise, with enough elements of both to alienate purist fans of either. laugh as st! slices apart pop culture to explore the links between sex, food, & bathing! drool at the glossy, full-color pop-erotic artwork! ponder how st! got a real woman to pose topless for said artwork! sometimes noisy, sometimes raunchy, & consistently silly, this cd might make you feel dirty. but will you feel dirty enough to wash up in a giant tub full of cocoa-flavored cereal?
FORMAT: free download; CD-R (out of print)


MURKBOX – binary drift
murkbox, best known for his block-rockin beats and bursts of humor, turns expectations on their ear with “binary drift”. last time, he asked you to hold the murk, add extra cheese. this time he goes dairy-free in an album of pure murk! 20 tracks of dark ambience and eerie soundscapes, crackling and buzzing and washing over you as you become lost in the binary drift.
FORMAT: free download; CD-R (out of print)


DR. BUTCHER M.D. – The Confines of Flesh
it was all building up to this… and then it all fell apart. bad taste went on hiatus right before label head dr. butcher m.d. was about to release his epic sophomore release, “The Confines of Flesh”. years in the making, and then a few years more in the waiting, “Confines” picks up where the doctor’s debut left off, and turns the mayhem up to 11! bad taste VIPs have been diggin’ on these tunes for years; now, the general public will finally get a chance to hear this pivotal release by bad taste’s doctor of breakcore.
FORMAT: free download; CDR (out of print)


no sophomore jinx for this 2nd release from animals within animals; it’s bigger & badder than their debut in just about every way. your favorite animals return (bandleader stAllio!, murkbox, chicklet mcsexy, dr butcher md, lander kitt, & mainline crux) & through the magic of the internet are joined by new members stunt rock, diode, fILT, styroteqe, backstatic, breather, gefahrliches madchen, unszene, and subiak orbiter. 2 hours & 21 minutes of text manipulation, databending, & dark beats spread across 2 cdrs, totalling 58 tracks. learn the “truth” about parasites, mating rituals, arachnophobia, the internet, & the sanctity of turkey leftovers. possibly the most ambitious release ever on bad taste.
FORMAT: free download; 2xCDR (out of print)


V/A – sound not fit for human consumption compilation
2xCDr compilation featuring 36 projects. roughly 2 hours and 8 minutes audio from (in order of appearance): MURKBOX, SEPPUKU FASHION, KEITH THIRTEEN, DR. BUTCHER M.D., DISCO HUMP SESSIONS, UNSZENE, MATT DEMMON, HUMDRUM, ANIMALS WITHIN ANIMALS, aleXdee, MR. FLOPPY, BOBBY VOMIT, fILT, COUNTER-WEIGHT, GEFAHRLICHES MADCHEN, CHARLES BRONSON BOYS CHOIR, MINION, SPIN KITTEN SPIN, AGAINST ME, DR. DEATH, THE ULTIMATE LOSERS, stAllio!, MAINLINE, RABBITS, GABBIST MONKS, aSQ, FRANJO, ACID ENEMA, PINE TREE STATE MIND CONTROL, FILTH & MUCK, EITERHERD, & MC IEDH. audio flavors too harsh for the human palate include harsh noise, devestated breaks, text manipulation, dark overtones, sickening rhythms, infinite drones, heavy bass, piercing highs and more in various combinations and presentations… sure to leave a foul taste in the mouth of even the person that you know who “likes everything”. it was even designed with a printed booklet to read along with (see below).
FORMAT: 2xCDR. OUT OF PRINT. coming soon for free download!


sound not fit for human consumption printed accompaniment
this booklet was originally designed to be an integral part of the compilation, but later decided (due to raised printing prices) to offer it seperatly as not to discourage sales of the comp (marketing anus, i’m sure). it features 18 double sided, black and white pages, 92% of which were designed by the performer/project themselves. it even features advertisements to give it that consumerism feel that you so greatly desire. the pages are topped off with a full color glossy cover, bound poorly with plastic slide grip report covers (you know – like you had in grade school?)… and the 1st 40 copies will additionally be packaged in a color folder that even includes a bad taste magnet for you to display your favorite page from the booklet proudly on mom’s refridgerator door for the whole family to appreciate.


stAllio! – errata vol ii
yes – vol i has not come out yet, okay? it’s one of the “joys” of being small time… regardless, the errata series showcases material of stAllio!’s that was either cut from previous releases due to time restraints or just because of their plain weirdness, not to mention some very old material that would not have seen the light of day any other way. vol ii features 7 cuts that did not make their way onto _the fezzuck_, 4 OLDschool, pre-”dissonance is bliss” (i.e., from 1996) panerific tracker tunes, as well as 4 other “jam punishments” from 2000. more weirdness served up only the way that stAllio! can.


MAINLINE – shockorama: live @ animal farm
this is a recording of all new material from our performance at animal farm back on july 8th, 2000. dr. butcher had a throat infection of some sort… murkbox had his ankles so badly crippled he could only move a few steps a minute – and still we pulled it off! completely thrown together on-the-fly, this release is a conglomerate of a boss sampler, fast tracker 2, an arp axxe, a 606, and even a little bit of electribe action (not to mention all of the equipment that was not working properly!)… this live performance lands somewhere between “chatter bleethrough” and “japanese soundscapes of effects”: hard kicks, looped voices, noise backgrounds, harsh breaks… 55 minutes that moves through a few flavors.
FORMAT: CDR. OUT OF PRINT. coming soon for free download!


stAllio! – _the fezzuck_
This third full-length on Bad Taste could be stAllio!’s breakthrough release. The upgrade of the stAllio! sound moves in all directions, at times both darker & lighter, both more & less accessible than
previous releases. 17 tracks, from the almost straightforward hardcore of “action figure sold separately” or “vocational rehabilitation” to the crunching noise-break of “fast like now” to high-pitched silliness on “swingset” to arpeggio-worship on “peanut butter” to out-of-context confusion on “behind the refrigerator door” to… hell, I don’t know how to describe this cd & you won’t either, but the plentiful sound samples on the Bad Taste site as well as stAllio!’s own site will leave you asking yourself “…the fezzuck?!” We’re very excited about this new release; it could even sell in the double digits! With full-color artwork & a free sticker included.


MAINLINE – japanese soundscapes of effects
10 make “noise”,8,1
20 goto 10

the mainline side ventures deep into dark ambientechnoise experiments. droning rhythms move from machine repetitions to liquid spatters alongside decaying sounds and noise textures. deep, dark, and delicious.
the temple of S_i_D side sings the praises of the commodore 64! with using only samples derived from C64 sound sources, the listener is treated to 30 minutes of nostalgic sounds, revisited and manipulated to please today’s audience. the commodore 64 is not dead – it is only dreaming – and now you are invited to listen to those dreams!
FORMAT: free download; CDR (out of print)


we could’ve called this group “Superstars of Bad Taste” because this collective includes Dr Butcher MD, murkbox, stAllio!, founder Lander Kitt, & anyone else who wants to join (even you!). the word of the day is “anti-consistency” for this debut from AWIA… hard beats, distorted spastic grooves, & sample cut-ups reign over 12 tracks of oddity. Learn the truth about parasites, the religious significance of the starfish, the miracle of antioxidants, & more. a free, confusing marketing sticker is included with each cdr.
FORMAT: free download; CDR (out of print)


MASOCHISTIC EAR – midwest forever
the unrecognized pioneers of lowest-fi return with a treat that has been burried in the bad taste crypts for well over 2 years now. two assholes with no sense of quality control force family and friends to partake of their own brand of *music*. they think they can rap, make noise, rock a guitar, laugh out loud, drone out, and drop a beat or two as it only fuels their utter nonsense. who needs shame when you have rock?


“Do you think it’s cool, to be a one men scene.” split compilation
This compilation has been taken a little while in the making, but i feel it’s more than worth the wait! the comp is a co-op between trash tapes (leipzig, germany) and bad taste (indiana, u.s.a.). it crams in 21 artists in all, featuring (in order of appearance): COMPLETELY FUCKED UP SOCIETY, OHM KILL, INAPT, PESTCORE, TREMOR, ASHTAR DXD, INU:SHINI, NOIZECREATOR, XOTOX, SKELTON 93/aleXdee, DEEP, BUFO BUFFO, N.D. COLLAPSE, SLAVE CYLINDER, MATT DEMMON, stAllio!, DR. BUTCHER MD, GABBIST MONKS, MURKBOX, BEEP THE SPEAKER, and MAINLINE. most of the songs lay in the hard, distorted percussion elements, but there are even a few suprises here and there to keep things interesting. this comp even comes with a 12 page double sided booklet, so even the packaging is swank.


DR. BUTCHER, M.D. – Musical Deviate
Finally, after several releases within other projects, i finally got enough material together to have my own full length release: the tape features 3 tracks from spring ’97 and 7 from the fall of ’99 – go figure.
if the description of the music was on the back of a movie, it would have to read something like, “a full on 60 minutes of B-music, featuring splatter bass, horror noise, and exploitation breaks!” buy more crap.


stAllio! – Perpetual Emotion Machine
After the hard drive nightmare that was “Dissonance is Bliss”, stAllio! comes back offering another 60 minutes of his unique approach to driving you crazy. This guy does more with a mic and a 4 track than what half of you fucks can do with tons of equipment sitting around: with a “use what you’ve got” approach, anything becomes an instrument in his grip. “P.E.M.” is highlighted with all sorts of unusual rhythms and frequencies, contantly morphing in what can seem incoherent at times only to fall into place once again while maintaining definite flows throughout songs. Dunno what I’m saying? Do my descriptions mean nothing? Check it out yourself online (try p2p)


STUNT ROCK – this whole fucking scene is growing tired and so am i.

Chances are you’ve heard about his “Richard Pryor” track off of Addict002 and if you’re lucky you’ve seen him bash his head bloody red at MEAT performances so now is your chance to see what this fool does with 50 minutes of time! I hope you like it noisy, because this bad boy is NASTY for sure, it’s cut and paste madness of beats, rhythms, and folk saying absurd stuff, but it’s all under 50 tons of distorted hell, so no whiners! This tape probably features more samples saying “bad taste” than I’ll ever find. And with titles like “you’re the dipshit who bought this tape”, you can’t go wrong.


MURKBOX – Hold the Murk Add Extra Cheese
The QCS side is a day in the life of a disgruntled telemarketer. Made by (an) anonymous producer(s) from out of town, this 14 minute release features 3 songs: one craftily programmed, sample laden track
(hear those telephones go to work!) with all sort of beat changes, a crunchy noise type interlude, and a hilarious “survey” featuring muzak in the background that had me rolling on the floor the first time I heard it (and then some). Get hired.
murkbox offers up a different spin on his productions, “It’s All Fun and Games Until Someone Loses an Eye” is one song spanning the whole 30 minutes which is more or less a continuously mixed barrage of all types of beats – loops, breaks, 4/4, whatever – with noise creeping in it’s ugly head here and there, as well as being COMPLETELY sampledelic. “I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up!”


stAllio! – dissonance is bliss!
this is the first release from the newest member of the bad taste degenerate collective. hailing from ye ol’ indianapolis, stAllio! presents a flavor that’s all his own. “dissonance…” is a journey through infection, disease, & death : of what exactly, i’m not quite sure, but the sounds points to the ways of pain. at times the songs resemble some sort of soundtrack for the decimation of your hard drive as a virus destroys it – with no hope of recovery.
side 0 is a collection of structured noise – starting off minimal and building from song to song until the listener comes down with “buck fever!” at the end of the tape. then we enter side 1 : you thought the fever subsided, but things take a turn for the worse in these two noise orgies, ranging from a sporadic squelch attack to a guttural grinding end. in stAllio’s own words : “in the paleolithic era, prehistoric computers were avidly hunted by early hunter-gatherers, who would break them open & suck out the warm meaty music inside. now, with the new extended e.p “dissonance is bliss”, stAllio! has revived this ancient tradition.”
FORMAT: free download


first things first, this release consists of five tapes : it would be nice to call it a box set, but without an actual box it just doesn’t seem right… rubber band set would be a better description. so what the hell
was 5 tapes for? for EVERYTHING – sporatic ramblings, keybord smashing, throat gurgling, manical laughter… cracked out lo-fi geetar, speed, slow, how low can you go? REAL low… e.p.s. worshipping, distorted spontanaity… meditative, ritualistic static… stabbing, grinding noise noise NOISE… few will get it, and even fewer will “get it” once they’ve got it, but oh well… i love the stuff and that’s why it’s here. what’s the point? work with what you’ve got – anything is possible…
FORMAT: 5x cassette. OUT OF PRINT.


MAINLINE – Chatter Bleethrough
very crunchy music… a lot of broken beat type material, one 4/4ish pounder @ 170, one dnb/tech/crapper experiment, dirty distorted drum loops and a hell of a lot of feedback! 10 songs – pick our poison… it’s midi degredation.


features : grimlapse, gabbist monks, 2$ lo-fi, opaque, vicious cycle, eklektikos, ZaQ, i/o error, & dr. butcher, m.d.. all forms of gabber/hardcore are represented and then some – a LOT of variety, but all hard… showing everyone what “hardcorn” is all about.


MURKBOX – Atmosphere vs MASOCHISTIC EAR – You Want Some of This?
murkbox side : 6 tracks, distorted breaks and loops over feedback textures… odd things slip in and out of this bad boy – fucking great.
masochistic ear side : 25 min. pain fest – from sparse and goofy arrangement of samples at the beginning to a wall of unrelenting noise. tape ends with special lo – fi hijinks and humour… 100% cheap!


MASOCHISTIC EAR – If it sounds like ass, it must be shit
11 songs altogether… what the hell is going on? microphone/mouth noise, cheap samples, cheap toys… inverted rock -n- roll & droning tones… j.r. bob dobbs & a case of big butt dopple bock on the cover – enough said.


features : gabbist monks, opaque, i/o error, dr. butcher, m.d., eklektikos, ZaQ, murkbox, mainline, & vicious cycle. the first compilation, – all styles of hardcore represented here – fairly dark through out. get the music before vinyl… buy a sampler.


NOISOME – New Engr. Level
minimal, distorted, and HARD. from slow beats, to pummeling beats, to no beat noise wonders. lo – fi hardness… what started bad taste.