bt#48: stAllio! – blame it on the algorithm

bt#48: stAllio! – blame it on the algorithm

release date: april 8, 2022

Years ago, while making music with the program Impulse Tracker, stallio noticed an unusual feature: it would open any file on his hard drive as if it were an audio file. Fascinated, he spent hours listening to Photoshop brushes, Windows system files, and all other sorts of data, selecting the most interesting sounds to use in his music.

This path eventually led to three releases, including a self-released 12″ (True Data); experiments in visual arts; influential glitch art tutorials; academic citations; and more.

Now, 10 years after his last data sound recording (On the DLL), he returns to his 8-bit roots. Heavy as a brick and crunchy enough to break a tooth, “blame it on the algorithm” coaxes intricate rhythms and buzzing basslines out of raw 8-bit data. No filters or effects are used.

download mp3s:

  1. something bad happened
  2. blame it on the algorithm
  3. fast coma
  4. dead feed
  5. conflicted copy
  6. zero day

download zip:


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