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bt#06: stAllio!: dissonance is bliss!

cover artbad taste #06: stAllio! – dissonance is bliss!

release date: sometime in 1999, reissued in 2000

artist website:

download mp3s:

  1. hole in head disease
  2. angina
  3. discount dysentery
  4. acute transcellular atrophy
  5. congenital cephalalgia
  6. buck fever!
  7. recidvation (bonus track)
  8. expiry (bonus track)

tracks 1–6 were composed entirely out of databent sounds (and the occasional vocal sample) using impulse tracker.

track 7 is a freeform noise jam in impulse tracker, using databent sounds.

track 8 was processed through a broken car stereo.